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Submit urls you wish to trade/giveaway


I ask for followers/promo and credit.

Owner: urlutopia

Ok guys this is getting ridiculous

Just so you know your submissions should look something like this:

Also one category submission at a time. For example, if you had fandom and bandom category urls then please make them seperate as in make two separate submissions for them.

That’s really it

Don’t put ‘please contact me’ or any unnecessary extras bc really that’s all you need

Also here’s a post done right: x

It’s just the url for trade, their url correctly hyperlinked after the ‘Owner:’ and it’s tagged accordingly as ‘oneword’

Here’s another one done correctly: x

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message me if interested

owner: palm

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If you want this url, please message me!

owner: gghastly


if you want this url, please message me!

owner: gghastly

it won't let me submit, how else could I send you my urls? just by this ask box?
purincess Asked

Don’t ever submit by ask box, we will delete your submission.

If you can’t submit through the submit box then we suggest trying again later

I used one of the John Green urls, but now I feel bad because I'm not sure if I was supposed to. Are these urls free for anyone to use?

1) These urls do not belong to us, you’re asking the wrong person

2) Ask the owner of said url before using it

hello we are trying a new tagging system

we now have a page with all the tags in alphabetical order

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Is the url echothekat up on this blog anywhere? I'm on mobile so it's hard to scroll thru everything, sorry!
Anonymous Asked

I’m sorry to have to say this but we don’t have the time to look through the blog either and search for said url.